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Ten-Year Limited Warranty


MR. STORAGE SHEDS warrants to the original purchaser, that your MR. STORAGE SHEDS storage building is free of defects in material and workmanship upon delivery, and will repair or replace any components that do not provide reasonable service under normal use, for a period of ten (10) years from the date of purchase. Correction by repair or replacement of materials or workmanship in your MR. STORAGE SHEDS product, which our examination shall disclose to our satisfaction to be defective, shall constitute fulfillment of all liabilities of MR. STORAGE SHEDS under this warranty. In order for this warranty to be valid, all exposed surfaces must be painted within thirty-days (30) of installation, repainted every five years thereafter (proof of paint purchase required) and properly maintained. MR. STORAGE SHEDS shall not be liable for any installation or re installation costs or for the natural characteristic of some wood to split, warp, or twist.

The warranty printed above is the only warranty applicable to this purchase. ALL OTHER WARRANTIES, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, INCLUDING, BUT NOT LIMITED TO, THE IMPLIED WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY AND FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE ARE HEREBY DISCLAIMED. MR. STORAGE SHEDS SHALL HAVE NO LIABILITY FOR PUNITIVE, INDIRECT, SPECIAL, INCIDENTAL OR CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES, INCLUDING BUT NOT LIMITED TO DAMAGES TO CONTENTS OF YOUR AV STORAGE SHEDS STORAGE BUILDING AND LOST PROFITS. THE TOTAL LIABILITY OF MR. STORAGE SHEDS UNDER THIS WARRANTY, INCLUDING LABOR, IS LIMITED TO THE ORIGINAL PURCHASE PRICE OF YOUR MR. STORAGE SHEDS STORAGE BUILDING. MR. STORAGE SHEDS does not assume and does not authorize any other person to assume for it any other liability in connection with the sale of this MR. STORAGE SHEDS product. This warranty shall not apply to any MR. STORAGE SHEDS product or any part thereof which has been damaged by fire, flood, water, earthquake, earth movement, hail, wind, adverse weather conditions, vandalism, theft, act of God, accident or other event, or a casualty which is customarily covered by homeowners' insurance. The warranty does not cover damage caused by abuse, misuse, alteration, neglect, or improper maintenance. MR. STORAGE SHEDS makes no warranties whatsoever with respect to accessories or parts incorporated into your Storage Building where the supplier or manufacturer of those materials has warranties on such materials which exceed the warranty set forth above. MR. STORAGE SHEDS assumes no liability thereunder and the Buyer must assert any claim under such warranties against such supplier or manufacturer. The terms "Original Purchaser" and "Buyer", as used in this warranty, shall mean that person for whom the MR. STORAGE SHED product is originally assembled and installed. This warranty shall apply only within the boundaries of the Continental United States.

The Buyer acknowledges that no other representations or warranties were made to or relied upon by him or her with respect to the quality or function of the goods herein sold.

Claims under this warranty must be made prior to the expiration of the warranty and within sixty (60) days after the defect is discovered and must be made to MR. STORAGE SHEDS, by calling 713-545-6665.

LEVELING: Due to the weight of your MR. STORAGE SHEDS building, natural settling of the product may occur over time and it may become necessary to re-level the building. This limited warranty does not include re-leveling. MR. STORAGE SHEDS will provide this service for a reasonable fee.

CONCRETE: If MR. STORAGE SHEDS installs a concrete pad for your MR. STORAGE SHEDS product, this warranty will apply to the pad. However, this warranty does not cover cracking, peeling, or pitting of concrete, regardless of when it occurs.  

FAILURE to comply with all the above stated conditions will terminate MR. STORAGE SHEDS' warranty.


1. What kind of siding do you use? 
(We use treated wood siding, with a limited 50-years warranty.)


2. Why do you not include roof felt in the basic installation?

(Typically, our buildings are finished, including the roofing within one business day. This really eliminates the need for felt; but we would be glad to apply this for you if you choose for us to do so. Simply select that option!)


3. Can you install on a slab?
(Yes…But, we ask that if the slab exists already, we would like to inspect it. If it doesn’t we ask that the person who will be pouring the slab contact us, in order that # 1, the slab will support our building and # 2, that we can warranty the building!)


4. Is this a kit?
(No, our buildings are built stick by stick, on your site. The only components pre-fabricated will be the doors and rafters.)


5. Can I buy this in kit form?
(Unfortunately, at this time we do not offer a type of kit.)


6. How much is it installed?
(All prices that are given include installation.)


7. What’s the time frame to have a building built?
(Approximately 1 week’s waiting period.)


8. How long does it take to build the building?
(In most all cases, one (1) day, unless we are doing “major” custom work.)


9. Do you build other sizes than what’s in your pamphlet or book?
(Yes, just call us at: (713) 545-6665 for the size of the building you are interested in.)


10. How wide are the doors that come with the building?


11. How do you figure square footage on felt, upgrades on flooring….etc?


(All square footage is determined by length x width in floor space.)


12. What if I just don’t understand all of this and I am not sure what I need to do?


(Simple. Just call us at: (713) 545-6665. We will be glad to answer any of your questions or concerns and if needed, we will send someone out and go from there.)



The site location is very important, a minimum of 2' should be allowed on all sides. 

Typically, building permits are not required for one of our wood storage buildings. Although if any local government requires a permit, it is the customer's responsibility to obtain it. Our installer's do not assist in obtaining zoning variances, or do subdivision covenant searches. 

If required, permit and plot plan must be done prior to the start of building. 
If the customer chooses footing and/or slab work, it must be completed 48 hours before the installation date, since our installers do not to this work nor excavating or clearing. If this is chosen, please contact us for "Specifications" on setting. 

The customer must make arrangements for the site to be level within 6" before the installation date. Painting of the storage building should be completed within 30 days to assure warranty coverage. 
The customer must have an electrical outlet available within 100 feet in order to build the unit. If this is not available, there will be a generator use charge (see Options & Upgrades). 

**FYI** the roof on a storage building is constructed, typically in one day, using ½" wafer board or CDX plywood (optional) with #1 grade 20-year, 3-tab shingles. Felt is not required nor used on our storage buildings, but **IS** available (see Options & Upgrades).

MR. STORAGE SHEDS will contact the customer within (2) working days to set a date for installation or site inspection if needed.

No work will be done on legal holidays.

For any additional information regarding installation and/or processing questions, please contact us: (713) 545-6665.






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