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Barn 4' Sidewall

The mini barn is a great introduction into the Mr. Storage Sheds Line of buildings. Small enough to fit in the back yard, but big enough to accomodate large items like lawn and garden equipment. 

Gable 6' Sidewall

The 6' wall gable is one of the preferred choices for those who are looking to accomodated items that are 6' in height and can easily be leaned against the wall. with still enough head room. 

Barn 6' Sidewall

The 6' wall barn is a great storage building for those who are looking to step up from the mini barn and have extra space for a loft.

Gable 7' Sidewall

The 7' wall gable gives you an extra foot of height for those who are trying to maximize more space with height restrictions and the ability to place your doors on the sidewalls. 

Barn 7' Sidewall

The 7' or 8' wall barn is a great choice for those who are looking for exrra space in the loft to accomodate bigger items and to also have the option to put your doors on the 7' or 8' side walls. 

Gable 8' Sidewall

The 8' wall gable is our most popular choice.  Reason, you get more bang for your buck. You get more height for storage, and the abilty to customize it with options like an exterior walk through doors and windows. 

We can build sizes from an 8x8 to a 16x32.

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